Dear Broker,

This letter is to let you know how much my parents and I appreciate the incredible
diligence, knowledge, expertise, understanding & patience of one of your TOP Real Estate Agents (Harvey Dubov). My parents, who have been residents in Boca for many years, contacted Harvey Dubov to help them find and purchase a home here in Boca Isles South for my daughter and me. They were so impressed with his work ethics, negotiating skills and knowledge from contract to closing. My mother & father said that they had never in all of their real estate dealings met a Realtor “so incredible” in their entire lives, and they have been involved with many real estate transactions.

I truly love Boca & this house. However, after making this huge change in my life, I realized that my heart was still back home in Philadelphia.

We were in such a bind, because we had just purchased this home recently and now had to put this house right back on the market for sale. That was very scary and stressful in such an unstable market.

My mother & father insisted for me to use Harvey Dubov for the sale. Harvey listed the home and sold it in less than two months for $535,000!! My parents were truly right again. Harvey really was amazing from contract to closing. I could never thank him enough for getting us out of this mess. Not only has he won my parents over, he is also the TOP agent in my eyes and heart forever!!!

Please commend him for all of his dedicated hard work.

Again my thanks,

Jodi Gadol
cc: Harvey Dubov, Realtor
Keller Williams Realty


Dear Harvey:

It has been about six weeks since we moved into our dream home, and we just wanted to take some time to sincerely thank you for making it all possible. When we first decided to sell our previous home, we knew that you were the only person that we would even consider listing the home with given today’s challenging market. We knew this because your tireless efforts made it possible for my parents to relocate here from Naples last year when we met you after three other realtors had failed. There is not one other agent that knows as much about Boca Raton as you do, or works as hard as you do to make their clients happy.

You had a comprehensive plan to sell our home that very few real estate agents are able to offer. From the moment we first listed the home, you had a marketing campaign in place and brought several qualified buyers within a few days. We had an offer and contract within two weeks, and closed within a month. Your experience, knowledge and thorough approach was the only way we were able to meet our goal of moving in time for the arrival of our third child.

When it came to finding our new home, we were concerned because we had such a short time. There were so many developments in Boca Raton that we wanted to see. You took the time to show us any home that we requested, even on Father’s Day and the Fourth of July. There are not many people that would give so much of their personal and family time for their clients. We know that you spent many nights and early mornings reviewing information on the listings you showed us so we could make an intelligent, informed choice. You worked so hard to bring us to homes that you truly believed would be the best choices for our growing family and a future investment, and used your experience to keep us away from those that you did not feel were right for us. There are so many realtors that only care about their commission, and that is what sets you apart, because you care about your clients first and foremost. In the end, we chose a home that we did not even ask you to see, which you picked for us knowing what we really wanted and needed. We can truly say that we love living in West Boca and our new development.

Thanks so very much for treating us like family and making our dream home a reality!

Very truly yours,

Christian Olson, Caroline Olson,
Sidney & Nicolas

August 1, 2010

Attention: Mr. Harvey Dubov:

Please accept this letter as a special thank you for your continued efforts working with me to sell my home. It was unbelievable that I signed with you and within a matter of a few weeks, you had a buyer for the property. Just like when you sold my mother’s apartment a few years ago, so many homes on the market but you seem to be able to find the right buyer for the right place, just the economy is not cooperating in obtaining the best possible price. We can’t have everything, I guess.

I have given your name to a couple of people that need help in selling, and I do hope that they contact you to relieve their minds and when you set to work, I know you will help them as you have taken a load off my shoulders in selling my home as quickly as you did.

Thank you again, and you know that whenever I need you, I have your cell # and will contact you.


Donna Stitsky

Dear Harvey,

Just a short note to express our enormous amount of gratitude for helping us achieve the purchase of our villa.

You are intelligent, compassionate, and have a fortitude that makes you a marvelous realtor!

Again our sincere thanks for everything (gifts included) and know that you are always in our thoughts, and we will recommend you whenever and wherever possible.

With great affection,

Linda and Don
Stark Boynton Beach, FL

Dear Broker of Record with Harvey,

Over the course of two years, I dropped my price repeatedly, and my expectations were lowered by other real estate agents regarding what price I might eventually get for my property. At one point, I received an offer that was 30% lower than my current, lowest asking price. Thankfully, the buyer declined my counter offer. I became very disillusioned with trying to sell my property and took it off the market. Several months later, I was close to wanting to list it again

It was around that time that Harvey Dubov contacted me. He said he had a single family that he thought would be interested in buying my place. I did not have a new real estate agent yet, and I offered to let him show my property just this once. Things did not work out, and the couple moved on.

Harvey asked if he could be my agent. After some deliberation, I agreed. We signed the papers and talked about my property. I was still unsure about what kind of sale price I might get for my property, but Harvey insisted I not drop the price. He made me feel good about the property and about my chances for selling it at the current price. I was really not expecting much, based on my previous two years of trying to sell the property with the previous agent.

Seven days later, and I had a contract.

Not only that, but I had a contract for 98% my asking price. I was dumbfounded. I realize we got incredibly lucky in selling my property that quickly, but what followed AFTER my property was sold was what truly sold me on the fact that Harvey Dubov is an exceptional real estate agent.

I was unprepared for such a quick sale of my property. Harvey worked with the buyers and got me a sixty day post occupancy agreement. Harvey went with me to several locations and helped me choose a new property. He would routinely drive hours out of his way to be present at signings or meetings which did not even REQUIRE him to be there. He did this just to answer any questions I might have. He often asked important questions at these meetings, things I had not considered.

He was available day or night to answer my questions over the phone, or give me advice on how to proceed with a difficult situation. If he didn’t know the answers to my questions, he found those answers quickly and called me back.

In short, not only did Harvey Dubov sell my property for almost the entire list price, and in a week’s time, but he provided me with a level of service that I rarely encounter in the workplace.

This letter is not a marketing ploy; I offered to write this letter of my own accord, because of the wonderful experience I had with Harvey Dubov.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to ask me any questions regarding this letter or my experience with Harvey.


Amy Hartman

Dear Broker,

Recently, my wife and I bought a beautiful Town House here in Boca Raton through Keller Williams Realty.

We had the great pleasure of having Harvey Dubov represent us. Not only was he professional in handling our affairs, but Harvey went way past the call of duty to make us feel secure in knowing we made the right decision.

There were times when we ran into some obstacles, and Harvey was there to guide us and comfort us through this incredible experience that he made it.

We will and have already recommended Harvey Dubov to other potential buyers and will certainly continue to do so.


Robert & Shirley
Hanni Boca Raton, FL

Dear Harvey,

What a lucky day it was for me almost 3 months ago when Joe looked in the Sun-Sentinel one beautiful Saturday morning and found a very cool home for sale near Old Floresta, an area I already loved and wished I could live in.

When I made the call, my luck continued when I spoke with you, Harvey. For a first time home buyer, meeting with a real estate agent can be an intimidating experience, but your professional demeanor, neat appearance and sense of humor made Joe and I feel comfortable and receptive right away. Your presentation was fun and filled with pertinent information, and I felt comfortable asking questions as well. Between your great presentation and the outstanding job the owners did inside and outside the house, I knew I had to have it. Within a couple hours, the deal was closed and the work began to close as soon as possible. Your help and cooperation with inspectors, lawyers, etc. was instrumental. So within a few weeks, I was able to open the front door to a new home and direction. I am still a bit in awe and count my blessings each day for my good fortune. I think we are all happy the way things turned out, and we will highly recommend your experience and expertise to anyone who needs real estate assistance any opportunity we can.

Joe and I would like to thank you for all you did to make purchasing our home a happy and painless experience as well as for the beautiful champagne flutes, candlesticks and generous gift certificate to Abe & Louie’s. We wish the very best for you, your family and the Olsons.


Sandy Dzugan & Joe Cabelo

Dear Harvey,

I wanted to take the time to write to you and express my gratitude for your excellent service in selling my home.

This was the first time I have sold a house, and you were with me every step of the way. I had interviewed several real estate agents prior to finding you. I knew within the first 10 minutes that you were “My Guy.” You were very patient and took the time to explain every little detail and answer every question I had. You didn’t pretend to be bored or annoyed with my questions, and I was so confident in your marketing plans and negotiating skills that I signed with you on the spot. You also had a great sense of humor and made this stressful process fun!

Because of your extensive knowledge of Boca Isles South and surrounding communities, I was able to price my home correctly and sell it at a price other realtors said I would never get in this market.

After 10 showings, we received an offer. It was very low, but I was so nervous about losing the deal, I was begging you to take it. You were very firm with me and reminded me that I hired you because you’re the best at what you do. I’m glad that I listened to you and let you work your magic. You ended up negotiating a $75,000 increase from the original offer!!

I commend you on your amazing skills and expertise in the real estate industry. I am so sorry that I am not staying in Florida, I wish I could work with you again!


Christa Cooper